Vessel Design

The objective of this project was to develop a vessel and packaging for our paint formulation.


We decided to design a minimalist bottle that refers back to the containers with chemicals found in the darkroom. The dark gray bottle with smoked glass effect is inspired by the olfactive aspects and mysterious scent of black ink an early renaissance paint recipes. 

The overall design of the packaging has been kept very simple yet memorable, revealing the mystery of a captured moment, the abyss of creative endeavour, embodied. 

8ml + 30ml (Each different, possibly a special edition bottle option too)

ebonised wood cap | cover

obsidian agitator

30ml Volume Size.

Gloss black Logo - hot stamped OΛ

Light grey text on back

Frosted glass

Matte black ombre fade, gradient from the top down. 

Black push button dropper pipette.


barcode print

Leather wrap

Destrssed Ceramic lid | shell



I'll be editing some mock-ups for my idea vessel, and for full boxed sets. 

This process will help us to determine more precise costs involved and identify any potential limitations in terms of available options..

Available in 

10 ml / 0.3 oz 

30 ml / 1.0 oz



100 Limited 5 hue set 500 100 boxes

100 Limited 2023 3 hue set 300 100 boxes

100 Erde | Soul 2 hue set 200 100 boxes

Materia | Abyss

100 Limited Individual each single hue 500 500 boxes ?

1500 - 30 ml units 


100 Limited. 5 hue set 500 100 boxes

100 Limited. 3 hue set 300 100 boxes

1300 - 10 ml units



100 Limited. 8-12ml 5 pack set 500 x 10ml 100 boxes

100 Limited. 30ml 5 pack set 500 x 30ml 100 boxes

100 Limited 2023 3 hue set 300 x 10ml 100 boxes

100 Erde | Soul 2 hue set 200 x 10ml 100 boxes

100 Limited 30 ml Single hue 500 x 40ml 500 boxes

100 Limited 10ml  Single hue 500 x 10ml 500 boxes

2500 - 30 ml units

Each pigment source and its corresponding formulation involve labor-intensive, hand-sourcing of limited resources with restricted supply. For those who desire specific hues in 30 ml bottles, we will evaluate the remaining availability of each formulation after the initial offering is released. While it might be possible to create a few additional bottles of each colour, we cannot assure this outcome due to the limited nature of the materials.


Limited  First edition 5 hue box 

Matt black heavy card

Embossed icon

Origami folds

Rough metal, oversized brutalist staple