House signature dark joy.

50ml Blavod Vodka

30ml Luxardo cherry syrup from the jar

4 fresh black cherries (de-stoned)

1/2 lime

2 bar spoons vanilla sugar

Rim two glasses with a lime slice and dip in black sanding sugar.


Muddle cherries with vanilla. 

Add vodka and churn through crushed ice. 


Crown with fresh crushed ice and garnish with two black cherries, a slice of lime or stick of cinnamon.


Forged from the essence of the South East Asian herb, Black Catechu, extracted from the bark of the Acacia tree, Blavod Black Vodka emerges. This herb's essence is subtly woven into the fabric of triple-distilled grain vodka, birthing an exquisite obsidian elixir. The result: an enigmatic, sleek premium vodka, a velvety taste entwined with the mesmerizing allure of darkness.