Obsidian Λtelier emerges from the artistic vision of Andrew Carvaé, a native of Tauranga, New Zealand. Founded in 2023, manifests as a creator of objects, formulations and installations. With a foundation in sculptural processes, can be envisioned as an evocative system, conjuring rituals and memories that span the realms of humanity, animals, geology, stars, and beyond. It serves as a contemplation of form, materiality, and the intricate workings of creation. Material imbued with a profound essence.

We believe magic is in the culmination of thousands of imperceptible, yet meaningful details coalescing together. Material possesses the capacity to echo history and wield energy. It shapes the form, or rather engages in a spiritual discourse, a dialogue steeped in multiple narratives. It transcends mere reflection on worldly affairs, instead delving into the exploration of inner realms, constructing and expanding upon both our external and internal landscapes, gradually and abruptly, layer by layer. Our objective lies in the creation of meaningful artefacts: resolute, solid tools that bear the imprints of industrialisation infused with mystic potency.

|  A la recherche du temps perdu  |

At OΛ, we embrace the enigmatic allure of the alchemic and infinite, forging a bridge between the ancient and the contemporary. 

Our purpose lies in the fusion of nature's generousity and meticulous craftsmanship to produce a range of unparalleled products that captivate the senses and kindle the imagination. 

Grounded in the roots of Aotearoa NZ, our creations are a celebration of ancestoral wisdom and respect for the environment, ensuring that each formulation resonates with a sense of place and cultural reverence. 

As guardians of forgotten knowledge and masters of refinement, we take pride in presenting a carefully curated selection that empowers artists and creative professionals to explore new frontiers, unlock forbidden crafts, and embrace the transformative journey that our alchemic formulations offer. 

OBSIDIAN ΛTELIER serves as a haven for those seeking to immerse themselves in the world where the boundaries between art and mysticism blurs, and the beauty of New Zealand's natural treasures is harnessed to inspire extraordinary artistic expressions.


O Λ invites individuals to discover a world of artistry and creativity rooted in the mystical and esoteric, hinting at a realm of veiled knowledge and ancient arts, where nature's elements and ancient practices converge to produce the unique and exquisite.

We emphasise the fundamental theme of emptiness, which implies an inexhaustible spirit. It is in states of active calm, tranquility, solitude, and quietude that we find the very essence of creative energy. In design a sense of tranquility and calm is expressed through the use of space, scale and the interrelation between elements to create a sense of silence.


The NATURAL EARTH AND OCHER pigments encompass a spectrum of hues derived solely from the Earth itself. These pigments give rise to gentle, partially translucent shades, revealing nuanced undertones when blended with opaque foundations. While their tinting power may not rival that of our Oxide pigments in terms of strength or opacity, their colours possess an unmatched quality that eludes artificial counterparts. 

Carefully and responsibly sourced by hand, these pigments originate from quarries and mountain ranges scattered across the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. Moreover, they are non-toxic, ensuring a safe and conscientious artistic experience.